Dispersion of Air Pollution & Penetration into the Local Environment


The DAPPLE field site is located at the intersection of Marylebone Road and Gloucester Place in Central London, England, with a surrounding study area approximately 350 m in radius. Wind tunnel modelling extends to a radius of approx 500m.

Marylebone Road is a busy dual carriageway (A501) and forms the northern boundary of the London Congestion-Charging Zone. Gloucester Place is 3 lanes, one-way northbound (Baker Street is southbound one block to the East). The roads intersect perpendicularly and Marylebone Road runs approximately WSW-ENE. The prevailing wind is SW, and the average building height is approximately 22m.

In the aerial photo below The Planetarium is visible at the extreme right, and Westminster Council House is centre left.

To give an impression of the field site, a Panorama (approx 1.5MB) is available for those unfamiliar with the intersection at the heart of the DAPPLE study area (Apple QuickTime required).

In addition, photos are available that show the intersection and the surrounding area:

Marylebone Road West

Marylebone Road East

Gloucester Place North

Gloucester Place South