Dispersion of Air Pollution & Penetration into the Local Environment

DAPPLE-HO (2006-2009)



Firstly, from the DAPPLE-HO Management Group to all those who work with such enthusiasm and professionalism and help make DAPPLE such a great success.

The DAPPLE-HO Management Group

University of Surrey, Alan Robins
Imperial College, Helen ApSimon
University of Bristol, Dudley Shallcross
University of Cambridge, Rex Britter
University of Leeds, Alison Tomlin
University of Reading, Janet Barlow
Golder Assocs (UK) Ltd., Samantha Arnold


The DAPPLE-HO Research Team

Imperial College
Chris Pain, Helen ApSimon, Hongbin Wang, Samantha Arnold,
University of Bristol
Damien Martin, Dudley Shallcross, Graham Nickless, Tony Makepeace, B. Greally, A. Knights, P. Simmonds
University of Cambridge
Rex Britter
University of Leeds
James Tate, Alison Tomlin, Ahmed Balogun
University of Reading
Janet Barlow, Steven Belcher, Curtis Wood, Michael Stroud
University of Surrey
Alan Robins, Paul Hayden, Tom Lawton, Allan Wells
Golder Associates (UK) Ltd.
Samantha Arnold

... and all the "volunteers" who helped make the field work work.


Funding bodies

Home Office CBRN S&T Programme


Special thanks to:

TfL for support and, very importantly, arranging the installation and removal of instrumentation
WCC for enthusiastic support, patience, access and working space
APRIL for co-ordinating and organising meetings
UK Met Office for advice and provision of meteorological information and forecasts